The city of Dalaman and the Dalaman region in Turkey combines the most glorious of Aegean coastlines with the most beautiful of hilly pine clad backdrops.

Situated on the aptly named turquoise coast the historic villages nestle amid beautiful lagoons, golden beaches and clear blue seas. The Dalaman region also has several vibrant resorts that attract holidaymakers who crave a little excitement with their holiday.

The culture and history of this amazing corner of the world seeps into every corner of your holiday. Even whilst doing nothing more than soaking up the sun, the sense of the ancient is all around. Beautiful and untamed the Dalaman region is an eye catching destination that delivers the truly exceptional.

Stay at the lively resort of Marmaris with its beautiful coastline, vibrant with clubs and open air venues this resort is for fun loving sun seekers. Enjoy the best of the resort and stay at the modern 5 star Grand Pasa Hotel with its great views over the mountains and the sea. Luxurious yet affordable this is a family friendly hotel with immaculate facilities.

The beauty of the blue lagoon at Olu Deniz makes this picturesque village a favourite destination and the tiny Beyaz Yunus Hotel provides breathtaking views with it’s beach side cliff location.

With only seven perfect suites the attention to detail is legendary with nothing being too much trouble for the staff. A highly recommended way to appreciate all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Icmeler has a much more modern feel with the beautiful beaches being the inspiration for the resort, the more historic resorts are no more than a bus ride away making Icmeler perfect for a relaxed beach holiday. The Babadan Apartments with their child friendly amenities are perfect for a laid back family break.

Turkish food is heavily reliant on the seasonal local produce with the emphasis on fresh. Traditional meals will often include a selection of mezze – appetisers including savoury pastries, dips, breads, vine leaves and aubergines. Fresh meats and

fishes are served as kebabs,lean and healthy these kebabs are unlike any others. Fresh fruits are often served as desserts although for the more sweet toothed the Turkish pastry desserts are heavy on honey and sugars.

The Riverside restaurant in Dalyan serves the best catch of the day, stuffed and lightly grilled, the atmosphere on the terrace with it’s breeze only adds to the quality of the food. Highly regarded by travellers and locals alike this fish restaurant is well worth visiting.

For something a little different eat at the Turku café in Dalaman, combining the best of traditional Turkish cuisine with eastern music and belly dancing makes this a meal to relish.

Make sure you visit Dalyan and take one of the famed mud baths, smother yourself in warm sticky mud, allow it to dry in the sun and then wash it off in the hot waters of the sulphurous pools. Always busy and exciting this trip may not make you look the ten years younger that it promises but you’ll have great fun trying.

Soak up the history of the Dalaman region by taking a trip the the ghost town of Kaya with it’s fascinating history. In 1923 the Greek and the Turkish governments agreed that the villagers would return to Greece and that the Turks would return to Kaya and inhabit these houses. The villagers left but the Turkish people did not return. Although many are now derelict the town is still in a state of limbo and it’s haunting peace and beauty shouldn’t be missed.

Paraglide off the cliffs above Olu Deniz – not for the faint hearted, those that brave this experience are rewarded with perhaps the most exhilarating exciting heart stopping moment of their lives. Floating down to earth in the warm air has to be the ultimate way to view the beauty of the region.

Hot dry summers are guaranteed and with the winter season of December to March remaining warm any time is a good time to visit Dalaman.

For a more vibrant holiday, travel is recommended during the popular summer months. For those seeking pleasant warm weather and a more relaxed feel then the autumn months are perfect.