It isn’t difficult to understand why so many flock to Bali for their holidays. It is the closest thing to paradise on Earth, with its diverse landscapes, world-class waves, unique and colourful cultural history, and miles of luscious beaches.

The moment you set foot on this glorious Indonesian island, you will be transported physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not simply a vacation, a trip to Bali can be a life changing experience, one that you will no doubt want to repeat again and again.

The range of lodging options in Bali is staggering. There is everything from basic accommodations that cost a few dollars a day, all the way up to luxury vacation rental homes that will set you back several thousand dollars a night! What you will find in between, though, are numerous comfortable lodging options that offer everything from luxury hotel suites down to bungalows that feature open air bathrooms. There are resorts that offer all of the comforts of home and then some, and there are modest hotels that help give you a real Balinese experience.

Hostels are an inexpensive option for travellers on a budget. There are many hostels on the island that are family-owned, and really give you the sense of living as a Balinese during your stay. Nick’s Homestay, Sri Bungalows, Homestay Irene, and Soka Indah Restaurant and Bungalows are all located in West Bali, and offer comfortable accommodations and good food at very reasonable prices.

The entire island of Bali is dotted with high end luxury hotels and resorts, if that is more your taste. Experience top notch service, incredibly comfortable accommodations, and amenities like beach access, luxury pool and spa service, and amazing restaurants. Some of the higher rated hotels on Bali include Waka Shorea, which is close to Bali Barat National Park, Naya Gawana Resort and Spa, near Pemuteran Beach, and Waka Gangga, close to Nirwana Bali Golf Club.

Everything from American fast food places to large touristy restaurants to local food carts are on the menu in Bali. Your best bet is to take advantage of the cheap and delicious local foods from the kaki lima, or food carts. You won’t find much more authentic Indonesian eats than from these hard-working locals.

Offering delicious Indonesian food, Ary’s Warung consistently gets high marks from visitors. Located in Ubud, it stands out from the other touristy places by serving excellent dishes with excellent service. It’s a little pricey, but worth the splurge.

Located in Gang Binaria, Jasmine Kitchen is an elegant place that features a huge and authentic menu of Thai dishes, and serves them in a friendly and cozy environment. Stick around for the homemade ice cream for dessert as you unwind from your day of exploration.

Local Balinese cuisine differs greatly from Indonesian fare. This is largely because the local cuisine consists largely of pork products, which is strictly forbidden in the mostly Muslim Indonesia. Therefore, your trip to Bali is a unique opportunity to sample both cuisines with reckless abandon. The ideal place to sample Balinese specialties is at Bumbu Bali 2. Feast on traditional Balinese salads, skewers, and pork dishes in a comfortable environment.

The tropical sights of Bali are mesmerizing, and the balmy air will intoxicate you. Bali offers plenty of things to see and do, but time should be made just to relax and unwind, whether it is on a patch of sand along a gorgeous beach or it is on a massage table in a luxurious spa. Take in the sights at one of the many incredible temples, explore the shops and boutiques, and dance the night away at one of the many clubs.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy all that Bali has to offer. Go surfing on the legendary waves. Take a reef cruise and scuba dive in the amazing Indian Ocean. Take a cycling tour through the mountains, or go dolphin watching.

Tour museums and cultural centers, and enjoy the Bali Safari and Marine Park, where you can ride a camel or an elephant. Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, where you can interact with the population of Balinese macaques that inhabit the temples there.

Thanks to its location near the equator, the average temperature of Bali sits right at 85 degrees fahrenheit all year long. The rainy season, from April to September, is no fun.

The humidity then can be almost suffocating. Your best bet is to visit in January and March, when the weather is at its best and there are several festivals to enjoy.