When you think of the French city of Bordeaux then you surely must think of the vineyards and Château’s that make this area so famous, producing some of the best and most classical wines that the world knows.

However Bordeaux is so much more, it has history, culture and great architecture that set it apart from the rural vineyards of the surrounding area.

As a wealthy city that grew up around the wine trade Bordeaux has some magnificent buildings, theatres and opera houses, the fine dining experience is as amazing as you would expect in any French city of culture and of course this is all complemented by the world beating wines of the region.

The beauty of the city is enhanced by the surrounding environment; the proximity to the river, lush vineyards, mountains and ocean ensures that Bordeaux has a green open feeling that gives the city a clean fresh beauty and a sense of well being all of its own.

There is a wide choice of accommodation in Bordeaux and one of the best ways to experience the city is via the local tourist office, they will organise a good standard of accommodation, free entry to all of the cities greatest sights, a vineyard and wine tasting trip and full free access to all public transport – this is a great way to sample all that Bordeaux offers and to ensure that you get a tourist office approved hotel.

Although perfectly nice, the tourist office approved hotels all tend to be of a similar standard, if you want something that really stands out then the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux and Spa offers the best of five star luxury in the city. This historic hotel built in 1779 has every opulent touch that you could imagine, rich luxurious materials cover every surface giving a true feel of the French aristocracy, this is the place to stay if your budget has no limitations.

French cuisine is world renowned for both its flavour and its ingenuity, Bordeaux is no exception with many great restaurants to choose from within the city, much of the food is based around locally sourced produce that perfectly compliments the great wines that are available.

For a slightly different dining experience the place to try is L’Entrecote, there is only one menu option, nothing else – no choice, no booking in advance and no pretension, just slices of perfect meat warmed gently and served with an excellent sauce, salad and thin fries. Completely unusual but totally amazing this is the place to be seen.

If formal dining is more your thing then you really cannot go wrong with Restaurant Jean Ramet a fine dining establishment, with crisp white table linen and a a quiet elegance that sets the tone for a meal of incredibly high standards all served with a wine list that will exceed all your expectations.

You absolutely have to do the one thing that is expected and take a vineyard tour, spend the morning walking around the acres of vines, buildings and cellars and then spend the afternoon tasting all the fabulous wines that have been produced and so strictly controlled in these historic and famous vineyards.

For a completely different usage of the regions wines why not head to Spa De Vinotherapie Caudalie where the wines are used in unusual body treatments; the wine extracts are said to promote health and well being, although some might say that there are better ways to introduce them into the bloodstream than via the skin.

The Bordeaux tourist office takes the beauty of their city very seriously and have organised two excellent walking tours around all the cultural sights; suitable for all age groups these tours are taken either during the morning whilst energy levels are at their highest, or during the more romantic evening time.

Bordeaux experiences both warm summers and generally quite mild winters, however rainfall can be expected at any time of year with heavy summer showers commonplace.

As a great city destination the tourist season continues throughout the year with each season bringing its own attractions; the winter season may be slightly quieter for travellers but it is still wise to check hotel availability prior to travel.