The Caribbean is known for it’s sun-soaked beaches, laid back atmosphere and friendly people. So if you’re looking for some fun in the sun you could do worse than visiting one of the Caribbean islands below!

Barbados is the quintessential postcard destination. Azure blue Caribbean waters meeting the baby blue skies while framing powdery white beaches, and palm trees blowing in the gentle tropical breeze.

Combine that with a refined British attitude of high tea and cricket and all of the fun you’d expect in the Caribbean, and you have the makings of a sophisticated and fun beach escape that will help you let go of your everyday cares and fall victim to the spell of the island life.

Dazzling white sand on palm fringed beaches, turquoise sea, jerk chicken, thumping nightlife, diving, pirates, sugar and coffee plantations, Usain Bolt and, of course, Bob Marley – Jamaica has something for everyone.

This small, Caribbean island is remarkably diverse, both in terms of its people and its attractions.

Despite a turbulent history, marred by the European slave trade and a perhaps off-puttingly high crime rate, Jamaica has attractions to appeal to everyone.

It would seem a shame to stay in all-inclusive beach-side resort whilst in Jamaica and miss out on some of the most delicious sea-food in the world, hiking in the mountains and a chance to experience reggae at its birthplace.

Famously laid back, impossibly relaxing and described by Christopher Columbus as ‘the fairest isle that eyes beheld,’ Jamaica is not one to miss!

Antigua, not be confused with the city in Guatemala, is the main island in the country of Antigua and Barbuda. Nestled in the West Indies region of the Carribean, Antigua means ‘ancient,’ and was named after Christopher Columbus himself! Locally, it is also known as Wadadli, which refers to the local Amerindians who live there.

It is a small island, with fewer than 100,00 inhabitants, and its economy is reliant mainly on tourism. However, this is a place that remains largely unspoiled, with some of the most picture-perfect beaches you could possibly imagine. So much so, that many of the world’s rich and famous have been and are residents here, including Admiral Horatio Nelson, Georgio Armani and Richard Branson!

It is not difficult to understand what makes St. Lucia such a special holiday destination. Located off the coast of Central America in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, the island is an outdoor lovers’ dream, featuring picturesque beaches, rainforest adventures, and postcard views.

The British Commonwealth is a standout thanks in part to its topographical focal point, the Pitons. These twin peaks rise out of the sea and jut almost a half a mile into the sky, making it unique among its island neighbours. Many come to St. Lucia to honeymoon or to simply relax on the beach, but there is also much to explore on this tropic isle. St. Lucia is whatever kind of paradise you want it to be!