Centara Grand Beach Resort, Hua Hin

Centara Grand Beach Resort, Hua Hin

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Located approximately 2 hours drive to the South of the metropolis of Bangkok is the seaside town of Hua Hin.  Located on the Western side of the Gulf of Thailand, Hau Hin boasts great weather, great scenery and a laid back village feel.  While many beach destinations within Thailand are known for their budget and backpacker accommodation, Hua Hin isn’t one of them. 

The area contains a royal palace, and is where Thai Royalty travel to when they are after a weekend getaway or a longer local vacation. One of the most exclusive – and centrally located – resorts in the area is Centara Hua Hin.

Once an old railway station, the Centara Hua Hin resort has been cleverly and painstakingly converted into a five star resort. The architecture is beautiful and uniquely Thai, the service is impeccable and the accommodation is luxurious. If you are planning a trip to Thailand and want to visit a world class, yet relaxed resort, then you really can’t go past the Centara Hua Hin.

One of the most outstanding features of the resort is the gardens. The gardens are expansive, and it feels as if the buildings have been placed amongst the trees.  There are a range of flora species, many of which have been hand sculptured into animals and objects. Guests spend hours leisurely wandering around the gardens admiring the plants and the sculptured trees.   It adds an extra element to what is already a world class resort.

If you like swimming then you also won’t be disappointed. The resort includes three – that’s right three – different pool and swimming areas. Many of the pools include pool side bars and are surrounded by ample beach chairs and umbrellas. The largest pool includes a section which is 3.5m deep….a lot of fun for the kids who like to dive to the bottom!

In close proximity to the pools are a range of garden activities. You can play giant chess with huge three foot chess pieces, play darts, or feed the fish in one of the many ponds. For the kids a wooden playground is centrally located and offers hours of entertainment for children of all ages. There is even a maze! For those feeling like exercising, a gym is located in the middle of the garden as well as a fitness and wellness centre.

As you can imagine, all towels and other equipment is provided.

Breakfast. Many seasoned travellers rate a resort by how good the buffet breakfast is. At the Centara Hua Hin you will not be disappointed. The buffet breakfast is varied and includes the normal eggs, bacon and toast, as well as waffles, sushi and a variety of salads. No matter what your taste buds, or how healthy you want to eat, there will be foods that will suit your needs.

As you can image, the accommodation is very high class and luxurious. From teak panels to spacious rooms with large balconies, you will find that you can relax in comfort and style.  The resort also regularly spray for insects so you wont be bitten all over if you are sitting out on the decking at night.

One of the best aspects of the resort is its central location. While the resort food is high quality and varied, it is natural that you would want to visit the surrounding areas.  A short walk out the front gates of the resort will take you to the restaurants and commercial area of Hua Hin.

You can shop, eat and relax all without the need for a car. If you want to travel a bit further however, taxis are available.  The Harvester Shopping Centre and the weekly Wednesday Night Market are two of the local highlights.

The staff at the resort are always happy and willing to do whatever is required to make your stay enjoyable. No matter what your query staff will be more than happy to assist. Some of the staff are also well skilled in other areas.

Each week several staff display their ice sculpturing skills. If you are at the resort on a Wednesday afternoon then this is definitely something not to miss. It is these unique things that make travelling fun and worth while.

As resorts go, the Centara Hua Hin is world class. From the moment you drive through the gates, you will know you have reached your ideal holiday destination.

The amazing grounds, cleverly designed and updated buildings as well as the attentive staff will all help make your visit enjoyable. If you are travelling to Thailand then a quick two hour car trip from Bangkok to Hua Hin will be well worth the extra effort.

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