Copenhagen the capital of Denmark is a beautifully small city, perfect for a city break with its profusion of colour, its friendly happy feel and its charming old world feel.

Don’t let that fool you though, underneath the charming picturesque exterior beats a heart of pure style, the Danes are famed for their cool simple lines, their world class designs and their fine craftsmanship.

Copenhagen is seeped in maritime history from the bloody rampages of the Vikings to the cheerful feel of the harbour with its canal network and rows of brightly coloured houses. The stylish shopping areas and buildings working in perfect harmony with the clean open spaces to make Copenhagen simply stunning.

For character the Copenhagen Admiral is hard to beat. The rustic 1789 building with it’s harbour position perfectly showcases the maritime theme. Original features sit perfectly alongside the modern conversions that are necessary to create the sense of luxury that the hotel achieves. All the rooms have custom furniture and exposed beams making this a hotel with charm and warmth.

Although not a cheap destination if you look you can find some great budget hotels. Wake Up Copenhagen ticks all the boxes with its sleek modern interior and great central location. The slightly industrial feel adds to the sense of Danish design at its best. Small rooms are all perfectly formed with facilities that far outweigh the budget price.

The cuisine of Copenhagen is rich in seafood with herrings being a particular favourite, root vegetables also feature heavily but don’t let this colour your judgement, Copenhagen is home to more Michelin stars than any other city in Scandinavia The food itself may appear to be quite simple but there is nothing simple about the huge range of beers on offer, the hospitality of the hosts ensures that you may not drink wisely but you will certainly drink well.

Schonnemann has been serving great food since 1877, good solid Danish food washed down with schnapps is as good now as it was then. The charm of the sawdust covered floors making your food taste even better,this popular restaurant is a much loved Danish institution and for good reason.

If you can get a reservation do not miss the Michelin Starred Noma on the waterfront. Voted best restaurant in the world for three years running. The food is not so much Nordic as an interpretation of the flavours of Scandinavia It reinvents the wheel but in the best possible way. Fresh local and often wild ingredients are cooked in a clever innovative way, making the Michelin stars only too easy to understand.

Spend a day visiting historic Copenhagen; see the crown jewels of the much loved Royal Family on display at the 17th century Rosenberg Slot castle. Brave the 400 steps to the top of Vor Frelsers Kirke – the amazing views over the city will make the climb worth your while. Travel back in time and learn about Viking history at the Viking Ship Museum just outside the city.

One of the best known attractions in Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens, with its beautiful setting and tradition funfair feel it is a great place to spend the day. That it is home to the worlds tallest carousel demonstrates the lovely sense of family fun that the park is famed for. Although open for much of the year the summer season brings with it open air concerts, firework displays and laser shows.

The most iconic and best recognised of all sights in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid statue, small and unassuming, the point of visiting this statue isn’t so much for any awe inspiring moment but purely so that you haven’t missed this symbol of Copenhagen. The appreciation of the statue comes more from the whimsy of the most famous of Danish authors Hans Christian Anderson than the Little Mermaid herself.

With its oceanic climate Copenhagen has year round rainfall with frequent snow during the winter months, however the warm Atlantic Gulf Stream does increases the average temperatures throughout the year. The summer months see temperatures in the 80’s but sadly this isn’t consistent and the weather can change at any given moment.

The city is beautiful all year around, making Copenhagen a great place to visit no matter what the time of year.