Disney does not just work on animated films and some people may be surprised to learn that they are also responsible for films such as High School Musical, the Pirates of the Caribbean series and National Treasure. Just deciding to go to a Disney Resort though is not that easy. There are several so which one should you choose?

Disneyland, California

The original Disneyland is located in Anaheim, Los Angeles. It is only 25 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, and many of the hotels will either already have excursions running to the park or can help to organise transport to get there. On arrival at the 300 acre park there is often a queue for tickets and this is particularly true during school holidays. There are often also long queues for rides.

There are many great rides for suitable for adults and children including several that are ideal for toddlers. ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Casey Jnr Circus Train’ are very popular but smaller children must be accompanied by an adult. The signs for ride restrictions are very clear. There are places to eat but they can be expensive, particularly for those with large families.

Taking a picnic is a good way to save money and there are several places around the park where it is possible to sit back and relax and enjoy your own food at your own pace. There are several souvenir shops and a fabulous sweet shop where you can buy jelly beans by the scoop in a whole load of fabulous flavours. Disney-branded clothing and film inspired ornaments are popular sellers and if you are in Main Street for the parade you get to see all your cartoon and film favourites on display.

Disneyworld, Florida

Arguably the best known Disney resort in the world is the one in Florida. The resort itself is made up of 4 theme parks and 2 water parks and covers an approximate acreage of around 30,000. The resort grew fairly rapidly after it opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971 and is now one of the most popular family holiday destinations for people worldwide.

It is possible to buy tickets in advance for the separate parks but depending on the ticket type there may be certain restrictions.

However, it is one way to save money on the trip and the more tickets purchased the cheaper they become. At Walt Disneyworld Florida the holiday will just never seem long enough to fit it all in. For each park more than a day is needed in each one to experience everything they have to offer and there is such a wide variety of activities there is sure to be something to please even the fussiest of child.

If the fussy child happens to be adult sized then there are more grown up activities as well. There are 5 golf courses, a wide range of shopping facilities and for those who feel like being pampered there is also a spa. There are playgrounds, pools, fitness centres and arcades just waiting to be filled with the sound of very happy families.

Disneyland Paris

When Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 it was like a dream come true for many UK Disney fans. With the Florida and California Disney Theme parks being just that little bit too far away for some people, the Paris park was perfectly situated for a feeling of getting away from it all but only being a couple of hours journey back home.

Now with the help of budget airlines into Paris and the Eurostar tickets being so reasonably priced, getting to Paris takes no time at all and doesn’t need to cost the earth. At Disneyland Paris there is both the Walt Disney Studios Park and the Disneyland Park. You can meet the Disney characters, watch the parades and endless amount of shows, and enjoy all 5 fun lands filled with rides and attractions.

Disneyland Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Fancy taking the kids on a more exotic holiday but they are not sure about Disney?  There is now an easy answer to this one.  Many people do not realise that Disney has other resorts dotted around the world, including Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The Disney Resort in Tokyo was the first Disney Park to be located outside of the US and opened in 1983. Today the resort has grown to include two theme parks and a shopping complex. The Hong Kong Resort was built in 2005 and includes a theme park and several great restaurants and shopping facilities.