Greece is a land of many facets, many islands with many different personalities all with so much to offer. From beautiful beaches, to volcanic mountains, sleepy fishing villages to cosmopolitan towns. The history and the architecture of ancient Greece perfectly complemented by the smells of the citrus groves and the olive trees. The clear rich blue waters of the Mediterranean, the inviting islands just crying out to be explored, the hospitality of the local people as they prepare for the arrival of the cruise ships, the sights and the fragrance of the natural beauty – these are just some of the reasons why your Greek cruise will be the holiday of a lifetime and why you will always want to come back for more.

All of the major cruise operators offer great Greek cruises, so the options are endless. Take your time to research the islands that you really want to visit and ensure that your itinerary covers them. Modern cruise ships are extremely comfortable, offering a holiday resort in themselves, but when cruising around the Greek islands it is impossible not to be drawn into the seductive beauty of the land excursions.

Most Greek cruises will embark in the mainland capital Athens, be sure to set some time aside to see some of the history that this beautiful city has to offer. The Acropolis of Athens with it’s iconic Parthenon is one of the best preserved monuments of early civilisation – set above the modern city of Athens the sense of history is breath taking.

Greece has approximately 180 inhabited islands, many will be visible as you pass them by, but those of particular merit will be part of the tour with excursions and overnight stays. Longer cruises will always give you the opportunity to experience more of the area but combining your cruise with a stay on one of the islands is also a popular choice giving you extra time to explore.

Santorini is well beloved on the cruise route and with good reason, this island with its active volcano and a coastline dotted with beaches of red and black sand, has a unique landscape all of its own. The lively capital of Fira sits 588 steps above the old port, live like the locals and take a donkey ride to the top.

The island of Mykonos is the place to party – the scenery, beautiful churches and ancient monuments are the perfect backdrop to the vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere that the island prides itself on.No cruise would be complete without visiting the ethereal beauty of Rhodes, if you can visit during the months of June to September be sure to travel to the Valley of the butterflies. The scenic beauty of the waterfalls and lush greenery is the home to many rare species that flutter amongst the glorious flowers and plants.

The time on board your cruise ship has a special charm of its own with most modern ships offering the very best of facilities but don’t just gaze at the beauty of Greece, experience it.

Sample the sweet red wine that Santorini prides itself on, Vinsanto may be an acquired taste but the location makes it all the more palatable. Each island has a speciality be it food or drink, be sure to sample them all.

See the beauty of the Greek architecture, from the remnants of ancient civilisations to winding streets with great boutiques and tavernas. Spend the evening eating great local food, fresh and simply prepared, bursting with the flavours of Greece.

With all the miles of coastline and perfect clear seas a Greek cruise is the perfect way to enjoy all that the water offers. Jet ski on the beautiful waters, snorkel amongst the beauty of the marine life or simply lie on one of the many beautiful beaches soaking up the sun.

Whether you choose to fill your holiday with relaxation or action, culture or sunbathing a Greek cruise has it all and so much more besides.

The summer months are filled with glorious sunshine with the high temperatures tempered by the cooling sea breezes. Rain is not unusual nor are sea storms but these usually pass quickly leaving freshness in their wake.

Spring and autumn can be particularly beautiful with slightly cooler temperatures making for perfect sightseeing conditions. Winters although mild can be unpredictable and as your cruise takes in many different islands and climates you may require warmer clothing. The cruise operator however will tailor the cruise to enjoy the very best of the weather no matter when you travel.