Kos is part of the Dodecanese island chain of Greece, and second only to Rhodes in popularity as a tourist destination.

The scenic island is the entire package, with beautiful beaching reaching into the azure Aegean Sea, fertile green farmland stretching along the interior, and friendly villages dotting the landscape. It is the perfect destination for relaxing, partying, and exploring.

There are numerous hotels bed and breakfasts, and extended stay apartments on the island of Kos. Many have views of and proximity to the gorgeous beaches. Whatever your taste and budget, whether traveling with kids or looking for a quiet romantic getaway, you should have no trouble finding the perfect lodging to fit your needs.

On the less crowded end of the island, Kefalosbay Residence offers apartment-style living at a great price. There are excellent water and mountain views, a beautiful swimming pool, a gorgeous garden, and outstanding hospitality. You can’t beat the location, either.

The Irene apartments will provide the perfect backdrop for a top notch Greek holiday. This family-owned inn is so friendly that each guest is personally welcomed by the proprietor, no matter what time of day or night you arrive. A beautiful pool area, delicious food, and well-kept rooms make this the kid of place you’ll want to return to year after year.

There are over 200 hotels on Kos, and among the very best is the Alice Springs Hotel. Another family-run establishment, you get friendly personal service, fun themed dining nights with excellent food, and first rate accommodations. It is a great place to stay with the kids, too.

Another highly rated hotel on Kos is Bahamas. It has simple accommodations, but it is immaculately clean, has an extremely friendly and entertaining staff, a nice pool area, and a great bar. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The plentiful farmland produces ample supplies of figs, olives, almonds, and tomatoes. Fresh fish and seafood caught in the waters provide a bounty from which local restaurants and cafes create tasty and authentic Greek dishes.

Located next to a taxi stand, the unassuming Avli serves up classic Greek dishes like souvlaki, mousaka, and meatballs with yogurt. Dine in the fresh Aegean air out on the courtyard.

Taverna Ampavris offers up a variety of mezedes, or small dishes, in a relaxing atmosphere. The service and ambience can’t be beat, and it is probably best to wear your stretchy pants, because you will be full when you leave!

Family-run Posidonia is located right on the beach and specializes in home cooked comfort food. Dine on the terrace overlooking the water.

Restaurant Alexandros is a wildly popular tavern serving traditional Greek dishes at great prices.

Kos has beautiful beaches, fascinating archaeological sites, historic museums, and quaint villages to explore. Prepare for a fun, educational, and relaxing Greek holiday! With so many possibilities, your trip to Kos can be the exact vacation you desire!

Swim in volcanic hot springs at Therma Beach, and relax at Kamari Beach, Agios Stefanos Beach, or Limnionas Beach. Plaka Forest is a great place to visit with the kids, where they can feed the peacocks, and you can count the numerous cats that reside there.

Lovers of ancient history will love the mystery of the Asklepion, the ancient site of Hippocrates and Asklepios. The Roman Odeon, or amphitheater, is definitely worth visiting as well. Kos Town Castle, built by the knights Templar, is a fascinating site to explore.

Visit the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre, and exact replica of a 5th century B.C. Greek settlement. Learn about the father of medicine and healing, Hippocrates. The Kos Town Centre Museum is home to an agora, or marketplace, and the ancient Plane Tree.

Kos has beautiful weather year round, with the coolest months being in the later winter. The summers are very hot, particularly July.

The most temperate months to visit are late May and September, with late May being just before the summer crowds begin to roll in.