Lanzarote is paradise on steroids. This easternmost of the Canary Islands is a geographical wonder and visual feast, growing in popularity with visitors each year for its stunning views, beautiful beaches, and myriad outdoor activities.

Even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiast will be awed by the dramatic cliffs rising out of the azure blue ocean, the barren volcanic landscapes, and the artistic rock formations. Lanzarote looks as if it was sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature herself.

There are numerous lodging options on Lanzarote, something for every traveller’s taste and budget. Accommodations on the island feature proximity to beaches and attractions, comfort, and a real taste of the island lifestyle.

Jardines del Sol features well-appointed and meticulously clean villas and condominiums. Located in Playa Blanca, this highly-rated hotel is located near the local beach, has a lovely pool area, and outstanding service. Plus, it is budget and family friendly.

If location is your priority, then Las Costas might be the ideal hotel for you. Located right on the beach, and across from shopping and dining, Las Costas has many guests returning time and again. Beautiful ocean views, clean and spacious rooms, picturesque grounds, and a very helpful and friendly staff make this a top pick.

Casitas Tabayesco is a quiet little bed and breakfast located in Haria, on the north end of the island. The inn is cozy, clean, comfortable, and located a bit away from the more crowded tourist areas, making it just perfect for a relaxing stay. The hosts are top-notch, and the price is more than right.

If you are an avid mountain biker, then you might know that there are some spectacular mountain trails on Lanzarote. Finca Malvasia, located in Masoache, puts you in the centre of all of the most scenic and challenging bike trails on the island. Aside from that, the hotel is a quiet, out of the way place with stylish guest rooms, delicious food, and a lovely pool area.

Dining on Lanzarote is a little bit like sampling from a worldwide buffet. There is seafood, Spanish cuisine, British-inspired fare, and even Italian, Caribbean, and even Indian options.

Plaice in the Sun will appeal to British visitors, making them feel at home, and it will delight everyone else with its delicious and authentic British fare.

The fish and chips are said to be the best anywhere, even better than England itself. In case you are interested, they also serve a pretty tasty breakfast.

A lovely garden setting and an excellent menu make La Masia de Teguise one of Lanzarote’s highest rated restaurants. A sort of Spanish-Italian fusion place, they serve fresh fish, pastas, pizzas, and mouth watering desserts. They are open early for breakfast, and late for end of party snacks.

Don’t think that the unfussy exterior of La Lapa means that plain and simple food are being served behind the door. On the contrary, many feel that this little restaurant in El Golfo is the best seafood they’ve ever eaten.

Served alongside good wine in a relaxing atmosphere, and you have the makings of the perfect place to eat every night you are there!

Whether you prefer to slow down or speed up while on vacation, there are ample opportunities to do both on Lanzarote. Miles of beautiful coastline provide plenty of sandy spots to relax upon, and the volcanic surface of the land provide plenty of hiking, climbing, and mountain biking opportunities.

Timanfaya National Park is an excellent place to see the evidence of nature’s power. A veritable volcanic wasteland, it shows how the heat of volcanoes can change the shape of our planet.

It has been compared to the surface of Mars of the Moon, and is a playground for the amateur photographer.

Another example of the power of lava is the Cueva de los Verdes. These caverns were carved by lava deep beneath the earth, and are truly amazing to see.

Admission includes and hour long tour, where you can learn how locals hid down there from pirates, and experience the incredible acoustics on the underground amphitheater.

Jardin de Cactus is another worthwhile outdoor excursion to take. Tour the garden of cactus, which features literally thousands of different cacti, some as small as a walnut and some a huge as an oak tree.

As part of the Canary Islands, there is really no bad time to visit Lanzarote, at least weather-wise.

The summer and winter months are peak tourist seasons, which means hotel rates go up. September and October are considered off season, and the weather is the nicest of the year.