The jewel of the Balearic Islands, Majorca (or Mallorca) is a popular holiday destination, but also an ancient site of civilization which has featured permanent settlement for 2000 years, despite it’s isolated location in the Mediterranean sea. With innumerable coves, beaches, and booming tourist trade, the island has grown into a paradise.

And with two long mountain ranges each around 70km in length, you’ll find a varied terrain to accompany the restaurants, activities, and shops in the cities. The country receives millions of tourists every year, particularly with artists and academics who choose the islands as their base — it’s in the Euro, so it’s easy to do business there, it’s governed by Spain so tax-rates are favourable, and the residents almost year round good weather, plus the majority of people who come on holiday tend to stick to the coast and to the swimming pools of the hotels, so there’s no reason to feel that you won’t be able to enjoy yourselves or find room to breathe.

Serra de Tramuntana is one of Majorca’s top sights, especially for those people who while on holiday like to get active in order to relax. But for those who just want to get away from the crowds, from the pool, or to get over a hangover, it’s good too.

As one of the most highly recommended locations in Majorca, you can be sure it’s worth a trip. The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range in the northwest of the island that offers biking, walking, and some of the most incredible views that the island has to offer.

Some people note that the paths are sometimes difficult to follow so it’s always important to take a map or for those people who find it difficult to read a map, or want to get a little more information while they walk, then taking a guided tour is a terrific way of improving everything about the trip. Maps are usually available in the local tourist information office.

If Cirque du Soleil is your thing, then a visit to Come Fly With me at the Globo Balear Theatre is a great idea where you’ll see a fusion of very many different dance styles including swing dance, music, and acrobatics.

VIP seats are recommended if you want to be sure that you’re going to get a good view and are prepared to pay the extra cost. The magical show does often end late, however, so you need to plan your day accordingly. Don’t miss the Frank Sinatra lookalike who flies around the stage.

If you really want to push the boat out and make it a night to remember then you’ll want to opt for the Diamond Club seats, which give you front row seats, but champagne and chocolates to the enjoy. Perhaps not one for the kids, but it’s a great night out albeit the drinks a little pricey.

Majorco has a terrific range of art galleries, beginning with the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation. Not only is the museum top-notch, and packed full of art so you want be left wanting more, but the gardens and outdoor space of the gallery offers the opportunity to take a stroll among beautiful surroundings, seeing nature in a very different way after having done enjoyed the art inside.

With detailed information about the property, and details of the life of the person who set up the foundation, you want be wondering what’s going on. With a terrific gift shop too, it’s a great place to pick up a few mementos or gifts for you to take home with you when you’re done with the gardens and the gallery. The espresso cups are particularly recommended by prior visitors. Don’t miss visiting the art gallery and the studio, which is really worth a visit.

Palma Aquarium, in the island’s capital of Palma, is a terrific way for to let the kids see what’s floating underneath them when they’re out swimming in the sea — though it’s probably a good idea to tell them that the sharks in the tanks aren’t so likely to be spotted in the sea around the island of Majorca.

Including a pirate ship, turtles, and a single water tank called the big blue that has more than 3.5 million litres of water in it at any one time, it’s an opportunity to ensure that the kids remember more from the trip than just sitting on the beach. In the restaurant you can dine with sharks, as long as that kind of thing wouldn’t put you off your dinner.