Visiting in summer means you get to see some of the great fiestas and festivals that take place, some of which date back centuries.The locals are welcoming and this is a great place to experience the traditional island life, as there are many things which have not changed for years.


The island is filled with great beaches of all shapes and sizes so finding something to suit should not be a problem.  Travelling a little to the east of Sant Lluis is the Punta Prima beach.  This is one of the larger beaches and boasts very fine white sand.  However, it is not the best beach for those who want to go swimming as there are strong currents just offshore.  The resort surrounding the beach is small but is beginning to grow and there are parking facilities close by.

Moving a little further to the south visitors will find the beach of Binibequer.  This is a small but very sandy cove and is perfect for those who want to get away from other tourists.  The buildings in the surrounding areas are mainly privately owned villas, but there is a bar close to the beach and sun beds can be hired.

Plenty of visitors make the trip to Cales Coves.  This is a small beach that is not ideal for sunbathing as is it quite coarse and can be reached only by walking down the steep gorge.  The walls of the gorge have plenty of caves which are just waiting to be explored and the waters are great for swimming and snorkelling.

Just south of the island’s airport is the beach of Cala en Porter.  This is more of a resort beach and is a good one to choose if travelling with children.  There is a stepped path down to the beach from the resort itself although it can also be reached by road from the centre of the town. This beach has everything including lifeguard patrols, water sports facilities and sun bed hire, so a family could easily spend the day here and not get bored.

The beach at Son Bou-San Jaime is just south of Alaior.  This is the longest beach on the island and boasts no less than 3 bars.  Lifeguard patrols, sun bed hire and lots of space makes this a popular beach with tourists.  To the west the more adventurous will find a naturists beach.  Those who want to go swimming need to take care as there are strong currents just offshore.For a quieter beach visitors can journey a little further west to Santo Tomas.  This is a narrower beach which can be a little rocky in places.  It has all the same facilities as the resort beaches just on a smaller scale.The beach at Cala Turqueta is perfect for those who want to forget that they are in a tourist hot spot.  This has been left the way nature intended and there are no facilities whatsoever – ideal for really getting away from it all.  There is limited access and it does have a tendency to get busy at peak times.  There is no bar so a picnic is essential if you want to be there all day.

Things to do

There are plenty of activities on the island for those who want to forget about the beach for a while, particularly for families.   The island’s zoo has a wide variety of animals as well as play areas and picnic areas, so a family could easily spend all day there.  Alternatively there is the Club Sant Jaime, where kids can enjoy themselves all day in the swimming pool, maze and the landscaped gardens.   Aquaparks are very popular and the one at Cala en Blanes is no exception.  This one boasts more than 12,500 metres of slides and other water rides and when it is time to refuel, the on-site restaurant has a varied menu at reasonable prices.

For retail therapy opt for Castillo Menorca.  This is a shopping and entertainment complex where you can find a few bargains, not to mention souvenirs to take home.  There are play areas to stop the kids getting bored.  Boat trips are a great way to see the island from a very different perspective and the glass-bottomed boats are very popular.  This trip takes visitors around the Maos Harbour and there are plenty of sights to be seen under the water as well as above it.