Mexico is full of Spanish passion, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and sharing a border with the United States gives it a unique position in Latin America, the love of food, dance and fun is evident everywhere that you look with the colourful people happily sharing their zest for life.

The beauty of the country is unmistakeable with nature offering up some of its finest jewels; sparkling seas, lush forests and inhospitable mountains can all be found within this diverse country, wildlife dominates with both the Golden Eagle and the Jaguar being native to the region.

With all it’s miles of coastline cruising is the ideal way to see all that this beautiful country has to offer, travel in luxury aboard some of the finest cruise liners in the world. With all the facilities of a top class hotel and all the scenery of the finest sightseeing holiday, a Mexico cruise is the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Most Mexico cruises will fly direct into Mexico and then combine a luxury hotel stay with a cruise either around the Mexican coastline or further afield into the reaches of the Caribbean. Cruises that take in the coastline of Mexico are not limited in their choice of destinations as Mexico has a wide and varied history offering many places of interest.

Although there are many available ports of call most Mexico cruises will take in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and at least one of the quaint towns with their old world charm and sense of history.

The inland excursions can be tailored to any level of fitness and are specifically set up to be accessible to all. Most cruise lines are aware of the limitations of some travellers and will have procedures to ensure that everyone can experience the true beauty of Mexico without compromise.

Puerto Vallarta is the party capital of Mexico, there is always a festival feeling in town, its transformation from sleepy coastal town into a cosmopolitan thriving resort has been miraculous; miles of beautiful beaches lined with palm trees make this lively resort feel like paradise, the shopping and nightlife for those that wish to indulge is best described as hedonistic.

Cabo San Lucas has its own history, once part of the mainland it is now an island with miles of white beaches and crystal clear waters which are perfect for diving; some of the best marine life to be found anywhere in Mexico can be seen from both within and above the waters. Also known as a place for some of the best sport-fishing in the world, Cabo San Lucas is the place to come to land that catch of a lifetime.

Although not necessarily known for their wine making skills Mexico does have some great vineyards, Esenada is a busy port of call that offers trips inland to the Casa Dona Lupe and Guadalupe Valley wine making regions, a perfect day trip, not only to see the wine making process but also to indulge in the best of Mexican hospitality as they urge you to sample the best that the estates have to offer.

February to Mid April are considered the peak times to take a Mexico cruise as the weather is at its most predictable making it a desirable location for anybody who wishes for an escape from the British winter. The cruises can be busy at this time of year but the sense of space and relaxation on most modern cruise ships allows you to still feel perfectly unhurried and serene.

October and November can be excellent months to travel out of peak season, the weather is generally pleasant although slightly more unpredictable and the crowds that can be found on shore are not usually evident during these months, making this time perfect for those that want a more peaceful break.