Although the third largest city in Germany the city of Munich is entirely Bavarian, with history dating back to the Monks who settled there during the 8th century, and who we have to thank for the brewing of the beers that the region is so well known for.

The historic roots of this city might make for great tradition but don’t be fooled, Munich is lively and vibrant with an entirely modern take on life.

Munich is incredibly welcoming, the people are warm and friendly and the culture of socialising with good food and drink is very much alive and well. Munich has a motto ‘Munchen mag Dich’ Munich likes you, which is great as once visited you will be able to say ‘Munich, we like you too’.

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Although famous for the beers that they brew the locals love their hearty foods, potatoes and sausages being particular favourites and just perfect for soaking up the free flowing alcohol. Dumplings and cabbage also tend to feature heavily on the menu as do salty pretzels. Although not pretentious the local cuisine is absolutely perfect for the traditional side of this beautiful Bavarian city.

Bavarian tradition pours out of Weisses Brauhaus, the sausages and beer are excellent but not as excellent as the oompah-band that fuels the boisterous crowd with their thigh slapping cries accompanied by the chinking and draining of glasses.

Head up the hills to the Braustubl Benedictine Monastery for a taste of the traditional beers brewed by the Monks, an outdoor terrace gives you the best possible view. Although the food is simple it is tasty enough to compliment the main attraction of the beer, complete with its 500 year old history.

One of the most visually stunning buildings in Munich is the Neo-Gothic Town Hall in Marienplatz (the main square), the draw of this building being the 43 bells of the Glockenspiel that sound as clockwork figures move around. With 400 rooms, this the home of the cities Government is a beautiful building and the views from the tower over the city are second to none.

The best way to see Munich is by taking one of the hop on and hop off tourist buses, these buses stop at all the major tourist attractions and landmarks allowing you to plan your own agenda. With their open tops these double decker buses are the perfect way to see the city and the knowledgeable guide is always willing to point you in the right direction.

Take one of the many day trips out of the city to see the untamed beauty of the Bavarian mountains, dotted with fairytale palaces and grand estates the mountains have an appeal that feels like something that you have only ever read about in the most romantic of historical novels.

The close proximity to the Alps gives Munich an unusual climate with higher rainfall and more snow than would usually be expected, the summer months can be particularly prone to heavy rainfall. The Alps however do have the benefit of providing a warm downhill wind that can raise the cities temperature rapidly at any time during the year, making the climate slightly unpredictable at times

Most tourists flood to the city during the month of September for the tradition of Oktoberfest – which actually finishes on the first Sunday of October despite the name. For some people this beer festival is the draw of the city but others are probably best avoiding this busy and boisterous period.