Rhodes is the largest and most visited of the Dodecanese chain of Greek isles. It is easy to understand why it is so popular; the climate is sunny and mild all year round, the beaches are plentiful, the scenery is spectacular, and the people are warm and charming. And with a history that dates back thousands of years, there is so much history to dive into that you will feel as if you have entered a time warp.

Thanks to the popularity of Rhodes, there is a glut of lodging choices for visitors. From bed and breakfast inns to all-inclusive beach resorts, there are accommodations for every travel style and budget. The number of hotels helps keep prices pretty reasonable on all levels, which is goof news for those who are looking for comfort and amenities, but not looking to bust the budgets.

For a truly special and unique lodging experience, you can’t beat the Spirit of the Knights hotel in Rhodes Town. Built during the Crusades, the hotel is tucked away on one of the meandering alleyways of Rhodes Town, and is a calm respite from the craziness that can be found on Rhodes. The hotel hosts are truly hospitable, making every guest feel special and welcome. The room are beautiful, spacious, and each one is unique.

An adults only policy makes Lindos Blue the perfect hotel for honeymooners, or anyone looking for a peaceful and romantic escape. The fact that this award-winning hotel also has an amazing spa, outstanding service, and not one bad room in the place is a bonus. The rooms are spacious and modern, some with private pools and spectacular views of the Aegean.

The Klimt Guest House in Rhodes Town offers guests everything and then some. A warm and friendly staff, very reasonable rates, clean and spacious guest rooms, delicious breakfasts, a calm and serene atmosphere, and even a house dog that will entertain you and the kids for hours on end. Past visitors can’t say enough about how wonderful this guest house is.

The Greek diet is showcased in full force on Rhodes. Fresher than fresh seafood, locally grown produce, hand-crafted cheeses, olives, and meats are combined into delectable dishes that are light and flavorful, and unforgettable.

Located among the touristy fast food shacks on the beach of Rhodes Town is a little gem called Indigo. Authentic Greek dishes are prepared with care, made to order. The menu is heavy on veggies, particularly in interesting salads. Don’t leave without trying the calamari.

Seafood obviously figures prominently in the menus of most restaurants on Rhodes. There are plenty of worthy options to choose. Located a little bit off the beach and away from the craziness is Nireas, a seafood restaurant that serves up classic fish dishes in a calming environment. Hatzikelis is another excellent seafood restaurant, specializing in shellfish dishes.

Marco Polo specializes in traditional Greek dishes tinged with Italian touches, flavoring meats with ingredients like figs, mint, and specialty Greek cheeses. A little off the beaten path, but well worth the effort to dine there.

Most visitor come to Rhodes for the beaches. While the beaches are not the typical sandy spots – the beaches are mostly covered with gravel – it doesn’t stop the avid sunbathers from pulling up a chair along the coast. Once you get your fill of Aegean waves, there are plenty of activities and sights to enjoy.

Lovers of history will be in heaven on Rhodes. The number of ancient and medieval sites are staggering, and the museums are filled with priceless artifacts from Ancient Greece through the Crusades. Visit the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Avenue of the Knights, the Jewish Quarter, and the Palace of the Grand Masters. And if you haven’t gotten your historical fix, stroll through the Archaeological Museum.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the crystal blue Aegean waters! Take a one day course and go for a scuba dive and explore the plentiful waters that surround the island.

The weather on Rhodes is always gorgeous. With 300+ days of sunshine each year, it’s hard to pick a bad time to visit. The summer months are the most crowded and expensive, and also the hottest.

Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit, when most of the beach bums have returned home and temperatures are at their most mild.