Part of Southern Italy’s Golden Riviera Sorrento is charming, cosmopolitan and historic. Set against the cruel undeniable beauty of Mount Vesuvius the dramatic coastline offers breathtaking views. Cobbled streets, fabulous restaurants and designer boutiques make this a vibrant and exciting place to visit.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside overlooking the bay of Naples gives this resort the reputation that it has for the best views in the region. Although not a beach resort, the Amalfi coast, with hills and cliffs leading down to miles of sparkling water, offers all the seaside charm that you could ever want.

Sorrento is bursting with top class hotels designed to appeal to the most discerning of travellers, for the ultimate in opulent holiday experiences why not hire a whole villa. The Villa La Contessina in the centre of Sorrento is set in beautiful private grounds with six luxurious bedrooms. The beautiful hand painted ceramic tiles that run throughout the whole building give some idea of the attention to detail that this residence enjoys. For the ultimate in pampering you can hire a personal chef for the duration of your stay and enjoy the best foods cooked expertly.

For views the hotel that cannot be beaten is the Bellevue Syrene, this five star hotel enjoying possibly the best sea views in Sorrento. Once a private residence this grand hotel overlooks the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius rising in the background.

A little less budget breaking is the Maison Tofani, ideally situated near the central Piazzo Tasso, this bright and bold guest house will appeal to those that want a vibrant fun filled holiday. The once severe residence now has family run friendly feel with comfortable rooms at a sensible price.

The food of Sorrento is truly Italian with pizza and pasta being dietary staples, but not just any pizza and pasta, these are simple fresh and most of all delicious, bearing no resemblance to the imposters found outside Italy. With it’s coastal location the seafood is always fresh and plentiful, catch of the day is always excellent.

La Fenice restaurant serves only the freshest of fish with the owner personally selecting the fish as it arrives at the marina. Whilst ordering off the menu is perfectly possible, let your waiter guide you into having the fish of the day and you won’t regret it.

For the best pizza in town try Pizzeria Da Franco, serving only the freshest of local ingredients, this pizzeria lives by the philosophy that you only need a few ingredients cooked well to give the best taste sensation. Popular with tourists and locals alike the busy feel only adds to the ambience of this gem of a restaurant.

Visit Pompeii for a glimpse at the cruel beauty of nature, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius covered the buildings and many of the wealthy Roman inhabitants in 79AD. This tragedy lay under volcanic ash until much more recent times when careful excavations revealed an almost perfectly preserved town. If you are visiting Sorrento then this is the one attraction that you simply cannot miss.

Book to see the Tarantella show at the Tasso Theatre. The show uses music and dance to express the history and culture of the region. This involves extensive use of flamboyant colour, loud music and talented dancers. The audience are mesmerised from beginning to end by the changing scenery, swirling costumes and beguiling moves. For the bravest amongst the audience there is the opportunity to join the dancers on stage for the finale, the pre-show drinks make joining in fun, if not wise.

Take a boat trip to the beautiful island of Capri, the short boat trip itself offers breathtaking views before you reach the island. Once on Capri travel inland to check out the grand villas of the rich and famous – the island is well known as a favourite destination of the wealthy.

Whilst on Capri the one sight that you must see is the Blue Grotto, a cave where the reflection of sunlight makes the water appear the most rich clear blue imaginable. The cave can only be reached by rowing boat and if you are very lucky your boatman will demonstrate the acoustics of the cave by singing to you.

Sorrento is an incredibly popular destination and as such the summer months of June and July can be expensive times to travel.

The months of May/June and early autumn still offer great weather and temperatures with highs ranging between 72-79F, but without the hefty price increases of the high season. The spring and autumn months are pleasant for sightseeing without being overbearingly hot, making this an ideal time to visit.