Everybody eagerly anticipates their annual holiday and in our busy lives it can be the one thing that keeps us going through the long winter months, however the danger is that the holiday is so anticipated and the need to make sure every detail is perfect is so strong that we actually feel like we need a holiday to recover from it.

Not so if you indulge in the most perfect and relaxing of all holidays – the spa holiday. Spa holidays cover lots of different perceptions of relaxation, it may be that you wish to indulge in a little weight loss, or that you require treatments for tired skin, it may be that all you wish is to be able to sleep well at night after a relaxing day pampering your body but whatever you require from a spa holiday there is sure to be the perfect one for you.

Rejuvenation is the key word for a spa holiday, whether it is mind, body or soul a good spa holiday will refresh you, making you feel that the world is a kinder more relaxed place – tensions are removed and pure clean air is breathed, the perfect spa resort is the one that make you feel better no matter which treatments that they offer.

Nowhere is more beautiful and cleansing than the summer meadows of the Alps, the fresh clean air purifying your body and your mind, exercise treatments are enhanced by the altitude of the resorts and the effectiveness of the skin treatments are made all the more apparent by the perfectly pure mountain air.

Whether you choose Austria or Switzerland for your Alpine spa holiday you are guaranteed a feeling of well being enhanced by the architectural style and natural materials of the accommodation in the Alpine regions; the beauty of the region is showcased by sympathetic buildings that work in harmony to promote complete health recovery. A traditional place for recuperation the Alps offer great spa facilities that promote the very best of health.

Often used by those preparing for special occasions detox spa resorts can be quite an intense experience, available in many global locations it is recommended that not only do you remain within the spa facilities, but that you remain for a minimum duration (often 7 or 14 days) these spa holidays require quite a commitment. However in return you receive a programme that promises to help rid your body of the toxins that are accumulated in the course of modern life.

Although not for the faint hearted these type of spa resorts are increasingly popular as the demands of modern day life compromise our physical well being.

Very popular as bonding holidays, many hen parties now take place at British spa resorts, not all the clientèle will take the treatments as seriously as others, but the treatments are there for those that wish to indulge. Most British spa resorts are set in acres of beautiful countryside which adds to the general feeling of good health that the treatments create.

Most of these spa resorts have excellent facilities proving that you don’t have to travel halfway around the world in order to enjoy the best of spa treatments that are available.

Most spa treatments will take place indoors although some spa’s will have naturally occurring outdoor treatments too, to get the most from your spa experience it is always helpful to ensure that the climate that you are travelling to is also pleasurable to the senses. For some this might be the cool mountain air but as long as it pleases you and adds to your spa experience then there is no bad time to travel.