Always a favourite with the bohemian crowd from Paris, St Tropez shot into the consciousness of the rest of the world during the 1950’s when this sleepy fishing village on the south coast of the French Riviera became ‘the’ place to stay.

Holiday destination of the rich and the famous, people also playing out the role of jet-setter flock to this thriving resort making it busy during the peak season but always retaining its glitz and its glamour. High end boutiques, yacht firms and expensive restaurants clamour for your attention in this beautiful region; views across the azure sea providing the most perfect backdrop for this internationally known playground of the wealthy.

St. Tropez is filled with luxury hotels and villas to accommodate the wealthy crowd that descends during the peak season, most luxurious of all is the Pan Dei Palais Hotel just moments away from the old port. The palatial exterior is almost at odds with the calm and cool interior with the feel of an Indian Colonial home, the rooms are uncluttered but the feel of old world Indian charm continues. This hotel is purely for the well heeled, but if you can afford it then it really is the place to stay.

St Tropez doesn’t have budget hotels but there are one or two that could at a push be considered to be at the bottom end of the price scale. Hotel B lodge is certainly worth considering as a budget option, family run this converted home has only 12 bedrooms and a small terrace but the local knowledge of the owner and the friendly welcome more than makes up for any lack of facilities. A true gem in an otherwise expensive resort.

The food in St Tropez is exquisite but it also has a price tag to match, during the summer months some of the best chefs in the world arrive to cater for the privileged diners, which tends to inflate the price of dining. French food is always excellent and when combined with the seafood that the region is renown for and eaten in the best of surroundings it becomes sublime.

A favourite of David Niven Auberge des Maures serves some of the best local produce in a n attractive Provençal building, stone floors and cheerful colours work perfectly with the Mediterranean feel of the gorgeous terrace. This is the oldest restaurant in St Tropez and although expensive still feels like good value.

The old part of the fishing village has cafés that are frequented by the locals and although more expensive than similar places inland they offer an excellent rustic meal at a fraction of the cost of the high class establishments. If budget is a concern then these types of restaurants offer the best dining option in this luxurious region.

St Tropez is not a hotbed of landmarks and museums, the purpose of a holiday here is not to take in the history but rather to embrace the decadence of modern life. It is beautiful and a great place to simply exist, to soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere and to acquire the most amazing tan whilst spotting the famous faces.

There is however always a full programme of events arranged throughout the peak season months, some of these being slightly more highbrow than others but with something to appeal to everyone. Ranging from contemporary art to the end of season boutique sales these events add a little extra variety to the already vibrant atmosphere.

In amongst the modern districts are the remnants of the sleepy fishing village that St Tropez started life as, most notable of these is the 16th century Citadelle that sits on a hill watching over the village from above, defending the locals from coastal attacks. If you visit the old village not only are you rewarded by some of the best boutiques in St Tropez but the charming old ochre buildings that are home to the locals, remaining long after the tourists have left.

Summer is the peak season with most visitors choosing to travel during July and August when the summer sun is at its peak. Although incredibly busy this is the time when the region most pampers to the needs of its wealthy clientèle and the prices reflect this. Winters are mild and increasingly St Tropez is finding popularity as a winter escape.

To avoid the crowds and yet still enjoy the warm weather and the beauty of the region travel during autumn and spring is highly recommended, although the chances of spotting a celebrity are much decreased.