Notorious for the hedonism, stag weekends are the perfect opportunity for the wedding party males to get together and indulge in a little bit of male bonding. Well known for mischief, the stag party traditionally organised by the best man can be a time fraught with the dangerous possibilities of eyebrow shaving, lampposts and handcuffs. For this reason the groom needs to make his wishes known early on, and to ensure that the stag night takes place well before the wedding to allow for a full recovery!

Not all stag weekends are riotous, many start of with the best of sedate intentions, a little golf or a nice meal out, but with a little help from the rest of the stag party they often descend into fabulous fun and chaos.

Whether you choose a sporting break, a city break or a beach resort, the one guarantee that you have is that your stag weekend will be a holiday to be remembered – hopefully for all the right reasons.

Whether you participate in or watch sports, a sporting break for your stag weekend can be the perfect way for the men to bond over a shared interest. Book an excellent golf hotel to enjoy great golf and an even better 19th hole, or race around the track in a sports car or a four wheel drive for a slightly stronger adrenaline rush.

Time your stag weekend to coincide with a great sporting event, watch rugby at Twickenham or purchase exclusive tickets at a football stadium that you have always wanted to visit. Cricket grounds offer hospitality suites and some like Old Trafford (Lancashire Cricket Club) have their own hotels with balconies to view the cricket.

Once the sun has set on your chosen sport then carry the party on long into the night by organising some slightly less sporting activities.

The ultimate in city breaks, Amsterdam offers you all the party you could want and then some. Book your stag weekend in the hedonistic city of Amsterdam for the never to be forgotten (and probably best never talked about) weekend of your life.

Drink excellent Dutch Beers in the many old bars for a civilised cultured start to the weekend and then immerse yourself in the other side of Amsterdam – visit one of the cafés to experience the cannabis culture, check out the red light district and finally visit one of the cities more ‘relaxed’ clubs where anything can and often does ‘go’. Choose Amsterdam; your bride to be may not approve of your stag weekend destination choice but your fellow travellers certainly will.

No list of stag weekend destinations would be complete without mentioning ‘Sin City’ itself – Las Vegas. This may be the stag weekend for those with a big budget but you are guaranteed that your weekend will feel like something from the set of a film. Whether you gamble or just watch in amazement as people bet thousands on the turn of a wheel, the sense of excitement follows you around from venue to venue.

Las Vegas with its bright lights will mesmerise you; it is the stag weekend destination where any fantasy can be fulfilled. As for the consequences when you return home, as long as you remember the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ and manage to avoid marrying a stranger everything will be just fine!

For the friendliest welcome you will find in any stag weekend destination head to Dublin. Filled with local characters wanting to regale you with literary and academic tales Dublin is warm and welcoming with more than just a twinkle in its eye.

The history and culture envelopes you, but in a way that makes you feel that you belong, the slow gentle pace of life seeming at odds with this vibrant lively city. Be sure to visit one of the live music venues and drink Guinness at its source, in this city where alcohol is not an indulgence, it is a way of life.

Wherever you choose to go for your stag weekend make sure that it is one to remember; symbolically the end of freedom, it is your final chance to act selfishly, drink copiously and to indulge your wild side. Hopefully you’ll only do it the once so make it one that gives you memories that will last forever.