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Tenerife is the biggest island in the Canaries, and Spain’s most populous island. With the highest elevation in all of Spain, and, something that many people don’t know, the third biggest volcano in the whole world, it’s a varied and terrific place that has warm weather almost all year around, so is really worth a trip.

Auditorio de Tenerife is the symbol of modern Tenerife, and it offers the sort of scenery that seems out of place amid European architecture — it’s a truly unusual place and will offer you a huge amount of wide and varied experiences.

Where to Take the Kids

Tenerife’s amazing Loro Parqu is one of the top must-sees in the Tenefire. It is a theme park based entirely on parrots, set up by the former German Ambassador to Thailand. You got all that? Good. At the park you’ll find 4000 birds. But it’s not all parrots. The park includes a zoo that is now an enormous 135,000 sq meters, and as such it’s one of the biggest zoos in the world — which is good for the animals, good for visitors, and even better as a place that children will never be able to forget. Don’t forget to visit the Penguinarium, the aquarium, and the Orca Whales.

Plus there’s the entertainment shows featuring the usual arrays of sea lions, and dolphins, but also a show unlike any in the words which features parrots. With a strong Thai influence in terms of the look of the place, it’s also a beautiful place to look around and just enjoy.

Where to Get Some Exercise

If you want to go for a walk while you’re in Tenerife, then be sure to check out the beautiful Masca Valley, which offers truly unforgettable views from the top, and many amazing opportunities to take photos and walk off some of the indulgences that are inevitable on any holiday.

It’s not just a basic walk, but not became a bit of a scramble at times, as you traverse up the twisting roads, but the views are worth it, particularly with the boat that picks you up at the bottom which has a range of soft-drinks and

bottled beers for you to reward yourselves with after a long march and a lot of terrific memories. It’s not ideal for those who are afraid of heights, but for the rest of us, it’s perfect.

You can also drive down from the top, towards the gift shops and beautiful church at the bottom of the valley. Compared to the noise all around you for the rest of the holiday on Tenerefe, at Masca – from Masca Bay and all the way up through the mountain you’ll find a terrific sense of peace and accomplishment to greet you.

Where to Catch a Show

If you fancy something a little medieval, then the Medieval Adventure offered up at Castillo San Miguel offers a brilliant night. You get given a color that corresponds to the Knight that you cheer for in the battle all night long. So it’s a terrific and exciting adventure for people of all ages.

You get to eat like a knight, you may wake up the next day having really lost your voice, but you won’t regret it, and your kids will thank you too. The horsemanship is sublime, but with no cutlery, be prepared to make do with drinking down your soup straight from the bowl. Don’t forget to get a photo taken with the Knights, and the jousting is a particularly highlight.

Where to Get some Sun

The beaches around Tenerife are more varied than perhaps anywhere in the world due to the volcano, so some are rock, some are made man (using sand direct from the Sahara Desert!) while others are beautiful and sandy. There are a number of naturist beaches for the more adventurous people, and also there’s a number of beaches that has palm trees offering you a little protection from what can be a truly incredible temperatures.

Being such a popular destination with tourists, you can be sure that your every whim will be catered for while you are on the beaches — you’ll be able to hire sun-loungers, easily find a restaurant, and hire all manner of water craft without too much difficult.