Paris, France

“What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!”- words once uttered by literary legend Charles Dickens. France’s capital, a city that’s one of the most visited in the world, is full of beauty, history and romance. Throughout Paris, behind its famous landmarks and well documented charisma, remains an intimate, quaint and amorous charm underneath the surface. Read More..


Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam wears many hats; behind the liberal and seedier representation peppered with drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam is a beautiful, scenic and charming place. A surprisingly small capital city you can walk from one side to the other in less than an hour, which means exploring it is accessible, easy and enjoyable. If you don’t want to indulge the naughty side of yourself there’s plenty of clean fun to be had. Read More..


Brighton, UK

Well-known for its trendy, liberal, vibrant and cultural nature, Brighton is more than a quaint quintessentially English seaside town. Located on the South East coast of England, Brighton boasts a beautiful – albeit pebbly – stretch of beach and a promenade that embodies a real old-meets-new charm. Brighton offers the zeal of a city and the cool breeze of the beachfront. Read More..



Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, known as ‘the city of a thousand spires’ is one of the most magnificent looking cities in Europe. Although known for its strip clubs and night time erotica, by day it’s a sight-seeing dream come true and bursting with architectural gems. As a whole it’s very affordable to stay, eat, drink and party in the city. Prague, divided by the Vltava River, can compete with the bustling capital cities across the continent while maintaining its traditional charm, allure and bohemian edge. Read More..


London, UK

This cosmopolitan capital city boasts something for anyone and everyone. London is home to a few of the most well known and recognisable landmarks and iconic features in the world; Big Ben, red buses, red telephone boxes, black cabs and so on. London is a city of two halves; the thriving excitement of its modern culture; and the beauty and dignity of its history, tradition and monarchy. Read More..


Venice, Italy

This romantic city lives amongst winding and weaving waterways and is one of the most romantic getaways. Off the coast of north east Italy, this elegant destination is bursting with character and charm. By the middle of the 16th century Venice was an extremely successful trading city and one of the wealthiest in the world and by the early 1700s the city had built itself an impressive empire stretching across most of the Mediterranean. Nowadays Venice, known for its beauty and decadence, brings in around 20 million tourists every single year. Read More..


New York, US

A city break in NYC is anything but dull; there’s so much to do morning, noon and night. It’s like walking through a movie set with the striking skyscrapers, yellow cabs and iconic sights. It’s worth making an itinerary while you’re there to ensure you can view and visit everything you want to and it’s also worth researching the places you definitely want to go to make sure you go at the best times and with a booking if required. Read More..


Berlin, Germany

As historian, Karl Scheffler, once wrote: “Berlin is a city that never is, but it is always in the process of becoming” which is a compliment to the city’s optimism, cutting-edge attributes and progressive characteristics. It’s a beautiful city with traditional buildings and many options of things to do – both cultural and simply for fun. Berlin, as whole, never has a closing time either. Read More..



Cairo, Egypt

This exotic location is enveloped in history, flavour and colour. The vast serenity of the deserts is awe-inspiring and home to one of the ancient wonders of the world, while deeper into the city it’s alive with vivacity and character. Cairo is generally as cheap or as expensive as you make it; bartering is a technique worth brushing up on before your visit but don’t be afraid to splash out a little bit on tours and their extras as it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be a once in a life experience. Read More..


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw might not seem like the most obvious destination to take a city break, but it has long shaken off its dreary Eastern Bloc and harsh post-war representation. Warsaw should never be over looked. There is so much to do in Warsaw and it successfully marries the combination of bustling, lively city life with culture, uncontrived charm and tradition. It doesn’t take long to realise that Warsaw, especially in the centre, is a beautiful capital – especially with its restored original architecture, clean streets and views across the water. Read More..